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About Highliner

Leonid is the man behind this passion-infused brand. A native of the Pacific Islands, this young man jumped on a deckhand opportunity in Alaska straight out of high school and has been fishing commercially there ever since. More than 22 years later, he is co-owner and operator of a crab fishing vessel. Now, he is honoring his fellow fishermen with elevated clothing that speaks to the warrior within every Alaskan fisherman.

When you wear Highliner Apparel’s gear, you are wearing the baddest parts of who you are for all to see. There is a certain sense of pride that comes with our job, and it’s time to own it. From the Bering Sea to your favorite places on land, you’ll carry that highliner vibe everywhere you go in our cool designs and quality garments. Highliner Apparel: Talk it, Walk it, Be it!


Highliner & The Community

It takes a special kind of person to be an Alaskan fisherman. Although often underappreciated, these legends are among the planet's bravest, baddest, most hard-working individuals. They have earned a reputation for being tough, resilient, and determined, and it's well-respected around the world. Most people could never handle this line of work. That’s why Highliner Apparel presents an iconic collection designed by a fisherman for fishermen.


In our industry, everyone knows what it takes to have earned the bragging rights to a highliner status. It means you are the best of the best! However, whether you’ve achieved this title or not, there is no denying the extremities to which you’re willing to go for your job as a commercial fisherman. And that makes you a rockstar in Highliner Apparel’s book. This occupation isn’t for pansies, after all!